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Custom-made Bespoke Neon signs are our specialty.
The only limit is your imagination!

Bespoke Neon Signs

Welcome to the UK home of bespoke and custom Neon lighting! Whether you are looking for a sign, a 3-dimensional construct or architectural cold-cathode lighting you have come to the right place.

The Art of glass blowing takes years to prefect. It is fascinating to watch a true glass Artist at work. They make it look so easy as they coax the shapes from straight sections of glass. Our artist is a 2nd generation glass blower, having learned his Art from his father at the age of only 12. Now in his 50th year of forming glass, you can rest assured that your design is in safe hands. This is why we supply so much Neon to other “Neon” companies that do not have their own glass blower!

Quality, price and customer service are the foundations of our company. We pride ourselves on being 100% UK based. Not only are all our bespoke products made in the UK, we also source our components from UK companies whenever possible. For us, it is all about the Neon. If you are looking for the single sign you have always dreamed of owning or if you are looking to source a hundred copies of a sign to launch a new campaign, you can expect the same focus from our dedicated team of experts.

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From a sketch on the back of an envelope to build-ready vector files, Icon Neon has the tools to bring your ideas to light. Our Graphic Artist has 10+ years in the branding industry working directly with clients to create, enhance and increase their brand recognition. When you combine this industry knowledge with an in-depth working knowledge of what you can (and can’t) do with Neon, the result is a design that complements your branding and takes it to the next level. Every sign we make starts with a digital design using Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD. We do this for several reasons. The most important benefit of the digital design process is to quickly and accurately provide our clients with a clear image of what the final product will look like. This also allows us to work closely with you to suggest edits and improvements to the design prior to anything being made. Once the design is signed off, full sized digital patterns are printed for the creation of the Neon. This ensures that the final product has a high degree of fidelity to the digital design. The less obvious benefit of this unique approach is that every single piece of Neon we create has a digital pattern in storage. If the worst happens and 5 years down the road a section gets broken, we can usually ship an exact replacement within 3 working days. All without you even having to remove the sign from the wall, let alone return it to the shop.

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